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- Changed depreciated ezi18n calls to ezpI18n::tr. 
- Fixed initial directory for tar file. 
- added symbolic link admin2 -> admin

- Changed collectinformation.php kernel hack file to collectinformation.addition so that autoload does't pick it up.

1.1  Compatible with ez4.1.0

- Changed all instances of eZDOMDocument to DOMDocument since lib/ezxml went

- Added a filecheck template operator which will do a file_exists so it's
  possible to display a link only if the file exists.  This new functionality should
  be backward compatible to existing collected information.
  syntax: {if eq($attribute.data_text|filecheck,true)}

- Added the check to collectinfo to only send the multi-part mail if there
  is a file attachment.

1.0 - initial.

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