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DBI notifications extension

DB Informatics

The DBI notifications extension allows an ezselect dropdown to be placed in
the user class.  A user can then choose what notification set they wish to 
subscribe to upon registration.


Certain parts of the SCK Add Subtree Notification rule extension were used
as a base of this extension.


1. Put an attribute of type ezselection in your user content class.

2. Create a workflow containing an event of type "DBI add notification rule"
   and select the attribute you just added to the user content class.

3. Create another workflow containing a multiplexer event and configure this
   event to only run your new workflow when a user is created.

3. Put the multiplexer workflow we just created at the publish/after trigger.

4. For the name of each option we added to the ezselection attribute in the
   first step, you can create an INI group in dbi_notifications.ini. Under
   these blocks, you can place a setting array named SubtreeNotifications.
   With this setting you specify the ID's of the nodes you want to add subtree
   notification rules for when the selection option this INI group represents
   was chosen in the user content object.

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