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        1) This tool need the ez kernel override supported, so please check if your ez installation support the kernel
        override feature.
        2) If want to use the tpl view/highlight, make sure the ezjscore and ezsh are installed well, and the logined 
        user can access to the ezjscore/run and geshi/highlight.


        1) In the config.php(copy from the config.php-RECOMMENDED if not exitsed), uncomment the line:
        define( 'EZP_AUTOLOAD_ALLOW_KERNEL_OVERRIDE', false );
        and set it true.
        2) Enable the extension "bysoftdeveloper".
        3) Run the following commands:
                php bin/php/ezpgenerateautoloads.php -o
                php bin/php/ezpgenerateautoloads.php -e
                php bin/php/ezcache.php --clear-all --purge
        4) Edit bysoftdeveloper.ini.
                Set the PHPBinaryPath to your php execute.
                Set the AdminID to your admin id(Normally is 14, just incase).

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