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19 - fix PHPDOM error xrow 2549d 11h /trunk/
18 replaced i18n with ezpI18n::tr to be compatible with ez 4.4 emil.webber 2550d 07h /trunk/
17 Added fromString() and toString() support dpobel 3387d 03h /trunk/
16 Replaced ereg() by preg_match() to be PHP 5.3 compliant dpobel 3396d 08h /trunk/
15 Fixed minor coding standard issues dpobel 3396d 08h /trunk/
14 Added french translation dpobel 3396d 08h /trunk/
13 - removed unneeded includes emil.webber 3722d 22h /trunk/
12 - code cleanup at ini files
- added parser for csv export extension
xrow 3906d 01h /trunk/
11 - added error message for non valid dates
- added age calculation
- translated some strings to german
xrow 3995d 04h /trunk/
10 - const bugfix xrow 4017d 03h /trunk/
9 - repaired strict warning xrow 4018d 05h /trunk/
8 - update for ez 4.0.x xrow 4019d 04h /trunk/
4 corrected german translation xrow 4142d 02h /trunk/
3 - removed invalid option tag xrow 4194d 07h /trunk/
2 - code cleanup, removed tabs by gwf xrow 4222d 02h /trunk/
1 - imported birthday datatype from eZ extensions repo xrow 4222d 02h /trunk/