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12 - Fixed bug: akismet workflow event type creates a collaboration participant link with participant_id 0 when only approver groups are chosen Cyberwolf 3613d 05h /trunk/extension/akismet/eventtypes/event/ezakismet/ezakismettype.php
11 - Implemented enhancement: Akismet audit log Cyberwolf 3752d 08h /trunk/extension/akismet/eventtypes/event/ezakismet/ezakismettype.php
9 - Fixed critical bug: non-approved items are still published cyberwolf 4117d 06h /trunk/extension/akismet/eventtypes/event/ezakismet/ezakismettype.php
1 - Initial version cyberwolf 4143d 08h /trunk/extension/akismet/eventtypes/event/ezakismet/ezakismettype.php