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154 Improved admin2ppPreviewDialog to be more flexible dpobel 2800d 21h /trunk/
153 CS: trying to stick to dpobel 2803d 22h /trunk/
152 Fixed a template error dpobel 2804d 00h /trunk/
151 Fixed a buggy template comment dpobel 2804d 04h /trunk/
150 Added some comments to Apache configuration dpobel 2804d 21h /trunk/
149 Implemented: no more page refresh when enabling node tabs dpobel 2805d 08h /trunk/
148 Commented out useless part of yui_menu.css dpobel 2805d 08h /trunk/
147 Commented useless CSS rules dpobel 2806d 23h /trunk/
146 Optimized the new icons sprite image dpobel 2806d 23h /trunk/
145 Added trash and invert selection icons to the icons sprite dpobel 2806d 23h /trunk/
144 Synchronized JavaScript file with eZ Publish master dpobel 2807d 04h /trunk/
143 Synchronized templates with eZ Publish master dpobel 2807d 04h /trunk/
142 Synchronized with eZ Publish master dpobel 2807d 05h /trunk/
141 Simplified selector used to improve input text and textarea since IE6 is not
a target anymore
dpobel 3013d 22h /trunk/
140 Added rounded corners and yellow background on focus on order input of object
relation list datatype
dpobel 3014d 02h /trunk/
139 Small clean up of autocomplete code dpobel 3014d 22h /trunk/
138 Added autocomplete feature in ezkeyword edit template dpobel 3014d 23h /trunk/
137 Additionnal fix for issue #017772: IE8 Issue with background color of
fieldsets in admin2
dpobel 3014d 23h /trunk/
136 Removed empty override dir dpobel 3015d 08h /trunk/
135 Bumped version number for future dev dpobel 3015d 09h /trunk/

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